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[Cập nhật] Thông tin căn hộ chung cư Sunshine Horizon Quận 4

All new information about Sunshine Horizon apartment

The continuous development and competition of real estate in Ho Chi Minh City, giving customers the opportunity to choose many apartments in District 4 for rent at low prices but still full of amenities, quality and convenience. worth living. Prominent among them is Sunshine Horizon line of high-class apartments with mid-range apartment rental prices.

All new information about Sunshine Horizon apartment
All new information about Sunshine Horizon apartment

It is no coincidence that when it comes to the most affordable apartment for rent in District 4, the “pet” from Sunshine Group is a choice that is highly appreciated by many experts. The analysis of super apartments below will help you better understand this project.

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1. Sunshine Horizon apartment has a good location

Sunshine Horizon Sunshine Group is a project full of passion, diligently implemented by Sunshine Group with the desire to bring modern and comfortable 4.0 standard resort apartments. In particular, the location factor has been optimized by the investor with all the criteria of: traffic – utilities – feng shui.

Located at 78 Ton That Thuyet, Ward 16, District 4, the location of Sunshine Horizon As soon as it was announced, it caused a fever all over the real estate forums. Because this is one of the few projects at the moment that owns golden coordinates.

– South direction: adjacent to Ton That Thuyet & Kenh Te streets;

– East direction: adjacent to Charmington Iris Apartment Project;

Sunshine Horizon apartment has a good location
Sunshine Horizon apartment has a good location

– North and West: adjacent to residential area in District 4.

This area is not too busy, noisy but still very busy, magnificent and vibrant with the appearance of a young city. With 4 sides facing the surrounding area, there are large roads and adjacent apartment projects, Sunshine Horizon located in an area with a high level of education, has developed infrastructure synchronously.

Being located on Ton That Thuyet Street gives the apartment complex impressive traffic connection values. This major road has been completed with 2 smooth lanes. This is also the main axis that connects 4 districts to other central districts very conveniently. From the location of the project, residents can quickly reach a variety of other areas in just a few minutes.

– Sunshine Horizon is only 5km from Thu Thiem urban area – District 2;

– It takes 12 minutes for residents to move to the center of Saigon;

– 5 minutes drive for residents to the center of District 7;

– Only about 7 minutes by car from District 5.6.

The proximity to many urban districts and developed urban areas helps bring the apartment project many amenities. Within a radius of 5km, Sunshine Horizon apartment connecting to a series of outstanding destinations such as: Khanh Hoi park; Saigon Port; Nha Rong Khanh Hoi Port, Tan Thuan Bridge, Xom Chieu Market, District 4 Post Office; Law University, Ben Thanh Market; Phu My Hung urban area; Thu Thiem urban area;…

2. Internal and external utilities of Sunshine Horizon apartment building

This is an apartment project invested and built by Sunshine Group. Sunshine Horizon Apartment It has huge advantages in terms of convenience. The system of 99+ utilities here is proud to be the perfect piece to contribute to creating a prosperous life for residents here.

Local amenities

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On a land fund of 2.4 hectares, Sunshine Group decided to dedicate it to the project Sunshine Horizon apartment low building density only 38%. This means that more than 60% of the remaining area is used for the construction of utilities, serving the residential community. Dubbed as the apartment line that owns the “5-sensory apartment collection” first appeared in Saigon.

The utility items right in the apartment are fully equipped and diverse, including; walking path, outdoor play area, tropical park, fountain, Panorama swimming pool, modern gym/yoga system; smart parking; chain cafe – luxury restaurant, spa…

Utilities inside and outside the Sunshine Horizon apartment building
Utilities inside and outside the Sunshine Horizon apartment building

In particular, in the outstanding utility of Sunshine Horizon Ton That Thuyet, there are outstanding items that the investor is enthusiastic about when putting into operation:

– A tropical garden with a beautiful multi-layered cascade system located in the center of the project. This place is always cool, vibrant with the sound of running water, green with stretches of artificial grass. Entering this area, people feel lost in the tropical forest, enjoy and explore.

– Commercial center with more than ten thousand m2 with full range of brands from popular to luxury. In particular, Shopping In The Park is one of the themes deployed by Sunshine Group to bring an extremely new shopping experience in the park for residents.

– The “sunbathing deck” bungalow complex located right next to the air-conditioned lake area is always ready for you to enjoy and relax in the summer.

– Panoramic infinity pool located on the rooftop of the project combined with sky bar ready for vibrant parties of residents.

Especially true with the concept of smart home, apartment Sunshine Horizon built according to the standard of apartment 4.0 with “universal resident card”. This is an impressive technology utility sent by Sunshine Group to all residents of the building. All “All in one” utility services are available in this card. This card will help control the car in and out, park the car, pay bills/services, withdraw cash, etc. Besides, this card system can completely make purchases to accumulate points globally through pictures. POS (Point Of Sale) payment method helps residents enjoy discounts, maximize cardholder benefits.

Out-of-town facilities

Along with the most impressive internal facilities in the area, the services inherited from the external facilities also bring Sunshine Horizon District 4 own impressions. It is not an exaggeration to say that, stepping out of the apartment, residents can immediately touch the facilities:

– Only 50m is Nguyen Tat Thanh University;

– 190m to the Police Department of Ward 16, District 4;

– 450m from Ho Chi Minh University of Culture.

– The apartment is located just 650m from Khanh Hoi Park, District 4.

– Only about 850m from Saigon Port.

– Located just 2.2km from Xom Chieu Market,…

3. Advantages through the design of Sunshine Horizon apartment

According to information from the investor, the premises Sunshine Horizon apartment was built with 2 blocks with a height of 30 floors. When completed and handed over, the project will provide more than 800 modern and high-class standard apartments to the market.

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This is a much-needed supplement by the real estate market Apartment for rent in District 4 in particular and Ho Chi Minh City is extremely scarce of good-priced apartments and high-class apartments with 5-star standard facilities such as Sunshine Horizon Ton That Thuyet.

Advantages through the design of Sunshine Horizon apartment, model apartment
Advantages through the design of Sunshine Horizon apartment, model apartment

In order to bring the most suitable choice for customers, the product types of the project are also diversified, including Apartments, Officetel and Sky Villas. In particular, the area of ​​​​the apartments stretches from 45 – 110m2, with 1-3 bedrooms will bring customers the most satisfactory choice for all purposes of buying to live or invest.

The layout of the project’s blocks are carefully calculated to create a harmony of feng shui, prosperity and bold Asian traditions. Meanwhile, the overall architecture of the project is towards a modern and advanced style like high-class apartments in Singapore. The apartment/floor density is not too high, quiet, and equipped with high-speed elevators are outstanding daily amenities in each block of the apartment.

Each apartment at Sunshine Horizon All are cleverly arranged to have a clear view to the outside. Especially, completely different from the usual apartment lines. Each living space here is arranged with a hanging garden from 14-20m2 wide in the balcony area. This means that each apartment has a garden design with small miniatures that create a green living space even if you are not on the ground. This is a fresh green space, helping to create a relaxing space for each family.

Sunshine Horizon Apartment There is sophistication in the design of each room area. Sunshine Horizon investor has devoted a lot of enthusiasm in creating living space, the aim is to bring the best quality, comfortable and classy apartments, in which the smart-smart factor is the core foundation. Choosing to live here, residents will experience a chain of utilities with perfect applications: Sunshine Mart – a commercial and e-commerce system; Sunshine Pay – e-wallet, online payment; Sunshine Cab – means of transportation; Sunshine Service – 24/7 customer care service…

Not stopping there, these platform applications are integrated and resonate with each other. Thereby creating a Smart Living ecosystem right in each apartment. As soon as you step into the space, you will feel this service chain is continuous with: FaceID security technology, sensor system to control electronic devices, customizable multi-color lighting system, … All of them bring to the apartment a smart, comfortable lifestyle that blends with a young and satisfied lifestyle in every corner.

Finally, the interior system of the apartment will definitely make you not disappointed. Sunshine Group has given the apartment line an “until the end” investment when deciding to fully equip these more than 800 living spaces with interior utilities. With high-end and famous brands such as: Duravit, Daikin, Ferroli… the living experience of residents will become more perfect than ever.

According to information from the investor, the time of project handover will be the beginning of the fourth quarter of 2022. Currently the project progress Sunshine Horizon is still guaranteed to be committed and is in the final stage of completion. So the time for residents to move in at this resort apartment line is not far away.

Information about Sunshine Horizon The price is also so special attention. Many people think that, with the facilities equipped with the design towards perfection, the high price of the apartment is reasonable. However, the number of apartments that can be purchased is currently very limited because after the opening sale in early 2020, most of the apartments are already owned.

Another option for residents is that instead of buying you can choose Sunshine Horizon apartment for rent . This is also a trend that many people are currently aiming for, because it helps to flexibly work capital and change to a new larger apartment or a more chill view,…

4. Update attractive Sunshine Horizon apartment rental prices

With the need to choose Sunshine Horizzon apartment for rentPrice list is something that many customers are especially interested in. Latest updates from Website, real estate page apartment for rent No. 1 Vietnam for your reference:

– Sunshine Horizon apartment in District 4 with an area of ​​54m2, 1 bedroom with rental price of 10 million/month;

– Sunshine Horizon apartment in District 4 with an area of ​​92m2, 2 bedrooms with rent of 14 million/month;

Update attractive Sunshine Horizon apartment rental prices
Update attractive Sunshine Horizon apartment rental prices

– Sunshine Horizon apartment in District 4 with an area of ​​​​110m2, 3 bedrooms with rental price of 22 million / month;

– Penhouse Sunshine Horizon apartment in District 4 with an area of ​​​​88m2, 1 bedroom with rent of 18 million/month;

– Penhouse Sunshine Horizon apartment in District 4 with an area of ​​​​114m2, 1 bedroom with rent of 28 million/month.


With the above detailed information, the project Sunshine Horizon District 4 really is a quality project – a place full of utilities, amenities and aesthetic elements. More than 800 apartments to be handed over will open up an ideal living space for customers and families. So, with the need to find an apartment to rent, please visit to receive the best rental advice and support.

Thank you readers!!!

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